What are the different color tubes for lab tests?


To transport swab samples or tissue, remove the cap, place the sample in the tube (break off the swab handle if necessary) and put the cap back on and pull off Please contact the laboratory before taking the patient to obtain the correct tubes for metal analysis or another testing, which are specified in the individual test lists. heparin) with blood to prevent coagulation. The red bottle is rarer — it is used for biochemical tests that require serum that may be affected by the separator gel used in the yellow bottle.

The evacuated tube system for blood collection, which is used for various laboratory tests, consists of tubes of various sizes with color-coded tops showing tube contents

What is a red laboratory tube used for?

Place the tip of the pipette against the side of the tube, approximately ¼ inch above the cell layer. Remove the stopper and gently aspirate the plasma using a separate disposable Pasteur pipette for each tube. All tubes should be marked with the patient’s full name or identification number as shown on the test request form or bar code. Following LabCorp’s suggested collection, preparation, and transportation instructions support the best possible test results.

Also, print the type of plasma submitted (e.g., “plasma, sodium citrate,” “plasma,” EDTA, etc.) on the label. Blood collected with an anticoagulant suitable for the test described cannot be considered suitable for other tests.

What is the red blood tube called?

There are numerous coagulation factors (factor VIII, factor IX, etc.) that are involved in blood coagulation. To ensure accurate laboratory test results, all tubes containing an anticoagulant or preservative must be completely filled. Blood cells are suspended in plasma, which consists of water and dissolved materials, including hormones, antibodies, and enzymes that are transported to tissues, as well as cellular waste products that are transported to the lungs and kidneys. To prevent coagulation, mix the blood with the anticoagulant or preservative immediately after taking each sample.

As hemolysis affects many procedures, please submit samples that are as free of hemolysis as possible. With injection technology, venipuncture is performed without a direct connection to the collection tube.


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