What are red top tubes used for?

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Red top tubes- After the tube is filled with blood, immediately turn the tube gently over several times to prevent coagulation. This may result in changes in the concentration of certain analytes. As hemolysis affects many procedures, please submit samples that are as free of hemolysis as possible. Well-prepared films can be used to determine the differential white blood cell count, to study the morphology (size, structure and shape) of red and white cells to determine the presence of abnormal cells and to study the size and number of platelets.

These tubes can be used for blood bank tests.

What is the difference between a red upper tube and an SST tube?

If you submit multiple samples with different storage temperature requirements, use separate bags and requirements for each sample. If the tube is not completely filled, it must be at least half full. Otherwise, the ratio of blood to anticoagulants will not be correct, and the sample will be discarded. For information on the sampling procedure, refer to the order of collection with multiple tube collections and the tests found elsewhere in this laboratory test manual to meet the specifications for the samples After dabbing the area to be tested, place the swab back in the plastic case or place the swab deep into the Insert transport medium and break off the applicator just below where it was held or the scratched mark on the swab shaft.

What do the different colored blood tubes mean?

Send plasma to a plastic transport tube marked “Plasma, Sodium Heparin” or “Plasma, Lithium Heparin.” When more than one blood sample is required, multiple sample needles and vacuum tubes make blood collection easier and more efficient. To make the vein more prominent, the patient may be asked to hold firmly onto a rubber ball, a thick bundle of gauze, etc. Since the additives are not interchangeable, it is necessary to consult the sample requirements section of the individual test descriptions to determine the appropriate collection of requirements for the ordered test.

Attempts to push more blood into the tube by applying pressure, such as collecting with a syringe, resulting in red blood cell damage (hemolysis).

Which color tubes are used for which tests in phlebotomy?

Tubes with purple or lavender stoppers contain an EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) additive that binds calcium ions and effectively blocks the coagulation cascade. In immunohematology, a patient’s blood is tested for compatibility, preparing the components for transfusion. If only a routine coagulation test is the only test ordered, a single light blue top tube may be removed. Tubes in this category are often used for patients with a bleeding disorder or when using a blood thinner.

Evacuated collection tubes — The tubes are designed to fill a specified volume of blood through the vacuum.


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