How do you correctly collect a blood sample?

collect blood sample

Collect blood samples- For everyone involved in sample collection and preparation, the responsibility for compliance with current recommendations to ensure the safety of both patients and healthcare professionals does not end when the patient is released. When blood flow stops, remove the tube by holding the hub firmly and pulling the tube away from the needle. Change the position of the needle. Avoid excessive pressure or “milking,” which can squeeze tissue fluid into droplets of blood.

Read the appropriate test description before each collection, including the specified sample type, volume, procedure, collection materials, patient preparation, and storage and handling instructions.

What is the correct sequence of steps for collecting samples?

To properly collect samples, they must be collected in appropriate containers, correctly labeled and immediately transported to the laboratory. The first step in obtaining a high-quality laboratory test result for every patient is the sampling process. This fundamental skill may not be exciting for new healthcare professionals, but it is critical to developing the right diagnosis for each patient. Transport the sample to the laboratory within 2 hours of collection or store it in a refrigerator and transport it to the laboratory as soon as possible.

A randomly collected sample can be taken at indefinite times and is often more convenient for the patient.


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