Do SST tubes need to be centrifuged?

SST tubes

SST tubes need- To allow adequate mixing, slowly turn the tube eight to ten times (four times for citrate tubes) with a gentle wrist rotation. If these tubes are not mixed well, clot formation will not be initiated sufficiently and will take much longer to complete. Inadequate mixing may result in incomplete coagulation. During centrifugation, a gel barrier is formed between the plasma and the cellular components of the blood.

This mixed blood can then be centrifuged to produce a plasma that contains albumin, globulin, and fibrinogen.

What role does gel play in Vacutainer?

Gel-containing tubes can be easily handled and transported after centrifugation without blood cells and serum mixing. The BD Vacutainer Serum Separation Transport Tube (SST) contains twice as much gel as normal SST tubes. The additives may contain anticoagulants (EDTA, sodium citrate, heparin) or a gel with a density between those of blood cells and blood plasma. BD SSTTM II Advance tubes contain silica to activate blood coagulation in the sample and a gel which, after centrifugation, forms a barrier between the clot and the serum.

Do SST tubes have to be centrifuged?

If multiple samples are required, remove the first collection tube from its holder as soon as blood flow is interrupted, turn the first tube upside down to prevent clotting, and gently insert the second tube into the holder. To ensure accurate test results, all tubes containing an anticoagulant or preservative must be completely filled. Remove the stopper and gently aspirate the plasma using a separate disposable Pasteur pipette for each tube. When frozen plasma is required, place the plastic transport tubes immediately in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator and tell your professional service agent that you have a frozen sample to collect.


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