Are needle holders single-use?

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Needle holder- Weeks later, she learned that she had contracted hepatitis C from exposure. The removal of contaminated needles and the subsequent reuse of blood tube holders have several potentials removals of contaminated needles and the subsequent reuse of blood tube holders have several potential If blood collection with a syringe is required, technical controls ( technical protection against sharp object injuries) and safe working practices (including mechanical removal equipment, if available) and needleless blood transfer devices are implemented.

It is not medically necessary to do this. Multi-purpose blood tube holders shouldn’t even be available in stores, he says. MetWest argued that OSHA had once allowed the use of reusable blood tube holders and that its current enforcement was inconsistent.

Can you reuse the Vacutainer needle holder?

Although it may seem safe to simply press a release button while holding the device over a container for sharp objects, the needle may not be released properly after numerous uses, says Sands. The needle has two ends, one that is inserted into the laboratory patient and one on the back that carries the blood into the blood tube. In a statement released today at the International Congress of Clinical Chemistry in Orlando, the NPA urged phlebotomists and other healthcare workers to stop reusing blood tube holders to draw blood from patients. In 1999, a home health nurse removed took the needle out of a blood tube holder and headed toward the disposal container, which was at the top of the refrigerator, to keep it out of reach of a small child in the household.

Are tube holders reusable?

OSHA strongly recommends that needles be discarded immediately after use, including any blood tube holders attached to them. Modern blood tube holders can be reused, but in most cases, they are not to minimize a worker’s exposure to blood. OSHA has not only addressed the risk potential of sharp objects by calling for the use of special containers for its collection but has also promoted its cause by making recommendations for the use of pipe holders. The clear Vacutainer%26Reg One Use Needle Holder is a standard plastic holder that accepts disposable and reusable double-ended, threaded needles.


OSHA allows contaminated needles to be removed and safe blood tube holders to be reused.

The increased manipulation required to remove a contaminated needle from a blood tube holder is not necessary and may result in a needle prick on the front or back end of the needle. Objects that are simply contaminated with small amounts of absorbed blood or OPIM can be placed in a normal, plastic-lined garbage container. Contaminated laundry is laundry that has been stained with blood or other potentially infectious materials or may contain sharp objects. The employer draws up and maintains a record of sharp injuries, in which percutaneous injuries caused by contaminated sharp objects can be recorded.


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